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Regional Quinoa Achievements
Under the context of the regional TCP/RAB/3403- Technical assistance for the introduction of Quinoa and appropriation/institutionalization of its production in Algeria, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Mauritania, Sudan and Yemen, the seeds of 11 Quinoa cultivars (200 grams / cultivar) presented in table-1, figure-1 were distributed among eight (8) participating countries. ... Details

Algeria Achievements
The trials succeeded only in the three sites of the south of the country (Biskra, El Oued and Adrar), where the crop of the quinoa was irrigated during all the vegetative cycle.... Details

Yemen Achievements
Quinoa varieties received from FAONE where collected and tested for germination before to start planting them in two locations in central highlands... Details

Sudan Achievements
The results obtained from growing 19 Quinoa genotypes in 3 locations in Central (Shambat) and Northern (Merowe and Dongola) Sudan suggest the possibility of achieving good yield levels of Quinoa seed under the hot weather of Sudan. High yield potentials in single locations has been shown by Titicaca (4.5 t/ha), Q104 (4.17 t/ha) and Santa Maria (4.12 t/ha). ... Details

Iraq Achievements
The experiment was laid out as a Randomized Complete Block Design (RCBD) in a factorial arrangement and replicated three times per treatment. Plot size was 2.5 m × 5 m =12.5 m2. The spacing between adjacent plots was 1m. There were five rows per plot, spaced 50 cm apart and 10 cm in a row. Plants in the middle three rows were used for collecting data, leaving aside those at the border rows as well as those at both ends of each row to avoid edge effects.... Details

Iran Achievements
Quinoa is a native plant to the Andes Mountains of Bolivia, Chile and Peru. The grain of quinoa is a highly nutritious food. The high nutritional quality of this crop is mostly due to its protein quantity, quality, vitamins and minerals.... Details

Mauritania Achievements
The test of quinoa leads in the two (02) sites during the second year (2015) gave very interesting results compared to the test of the first year 2014). ... Details

Egypt Achievements
Quinoa considered as new crop among the crop structure in mega project of Egypt; million and half million feddan (630.252 hectare). The project succeeded in growing all new quinoa accessions in research stations and also with private sectors under harsh conditions of sandy soils with new irrigation systems to save water.... Details

Lebanon Achievements
Quinoa crop showed its adaptability and ability to grow under hard situations such as drought and bad soil conditions. It gave a good yield under limited water application and in soil suffering from salinity, proving that this crop could be an important alternative to traditional crops in Lebanon, and a valuable crop for food production and food security in the country especially in the marginal non-productive agricultural lands, and in the arid and semi-arid areas.... Details