Mauritania Achievements

The test of quinoa leads in the two (02) sites during the second year (2015) gave very interesting results compared to the test of the first year 2014).

These results were of 0.069 t/ha for the first year all sites confused Rindiao at Kaedi ; achieved the 23/12 / 2013) and Kankossa at the date of sowing 13/01/2014 against the second year:
  • 0.91 t/ha for Kankossa at the sowing date of 15/12/2014
  • 3.5 t/ha for the first sowing date of ( 11/20/ 2014) and 2. 28 t/ha for the second (1/12/ 2014) for Rindiao / Kaedi. The earlier sowing dates produced higher grain yield /ha as compared to the late planting dates. It also indicates that in the tropical and subtropical countries, Quinoa should be planted in early November.
From the observations carried out on the ground and the results obtained, it is possible to say that the cultivation of quinoa is well possible in different agro- ecological conditions of Mauritania.